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How to motivate yourself to exercise in winter

Posted on 15/06/2016 by
It’s common to drop exercise as soon as it gets cold, but there are many reasons why you should keep it up. Here’s how to stay fit in winter!

It’s common to drop exercise as soon as it gets cold, but there are many reasons why you should keep it up. Here’s how to stay fit in winter!

As soon as the days get darker, shorter and colder, exercise tends to drop off the to-do list. Staying inside where it’s warm and cozy is far more appealing than heading outside for a run, walk or swim!

However, it’s important that you stay active during the winter months, especially if you’re studying from home. If you spend too much time cooped up inside, this could negatively impact your productivity and lead to feelings of tiredness, lethargy and even anxiety.

The benefits of exercising in winter 

Exercising during winter will help keep you fit, but you will also benefit from better moods. Many people find they feel happier, stronger and more focused after some physical activity. It doesn’t have to be difficult – a short stroll through the park can do wonders for your energy levels.

Other benefits of exercise include:

  • Health, vitality and a strong immune system
  • Vitamin D and fresh air
  • Keeping warm!
  • Stay in shape

How to maintain an exercise routine

So how can you keep exercising when the weather turns moody and the couch is much more appealing than the treadmill?

If you’ve never been much of a gym goer before, this could be the time to sign up. Gyms are much quieter through winter so you can get used to the gear before it gets busy again, and all the new equipment and on-site trainers will help boost your enthusiasm for exercise.

For those who are already gym fans, try signing up for regular classes to mix it up a little. Spin classes, boot camps and dance sessions can help you make the extra effort.

Another incentive is to sign up for an event in early summer. A 10-kilometre run, half marathon or even full marathon all require training before you can complete them, so signing up will give you no choice but to commit to regular exercise in the lead up to the day.

You could also find a friend and plan to work out together. If necessary, sign up for one of the above options or simply create your own plans, and hold one another accountable if either of you fail to do the exercise.

Of course, nothing works quite like a great incentive, so promise yourself some kind of treat each week if you manage to exercise on three days, for example. Whether that’s lunch at your favourite café or a new book, the reward will help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

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