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How to juggle work and study (and not go crazy!)

Posted on 15/07/2015 by
Feeling overwhelmed by all of the work you have to do? Read on for advice on how to manage study, work and your social life!

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the work you have to do? Read on for advice on how to manage study, work and your social life!

Study From Home student Rebekah Linton is quite the superstar. She is currently studying, working and preparing for her wedding next year. Her grades are outstanding and she is even ahead on some of her courses! We asked her to share some of her study secrets.

How do I do it?

This is quite often the question I get asked when people hear that I am studying long distance while still working full time. And the answer to this question comes in two easy parts – 1. Plan and 2. Get ahead!

How to plan for success

Planning is the key to being successful in studying while working. And it doesn’t take much, just sitting down for a few minutes and writing down a study calendar is a great place to start.

You have to be realistic though! Yes you work many hours a week, and plan to study 15 hours, but don’t forget about meal times, socializing, personal errands and of course SLEEP!  Just dot down all of your fixed hours each week, and slot in some hours for study.

Bear in mind, some people work better in the morning, while others prefer to burn into the night, so keep that in mind while planning. And make sure you slot in a few hours at a time where possible or you won’t be able to focus and get a good chunk of work done.

Honestly, a little planning (and sticking to the plan) goes a long way.  But don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out straight away. In my own experience, some weeks just don’t go as planned and other things will get in the way of your study time. Just revaluate and adjust for the next week and you’re on your way.

How to get ahead

This brings me to the second part of successful long distance study, getting ahead. This has been the best thing I have done during my time at ITC so far, and it has proved to be very helpful.

Right from the start of the course, if I had any extra time up my sleeve, I would do a little bit of extra work and eventually I ended up getting a few weeks ahead of the course schedule. And now that winter has come, I am very glad for that extra time.

I’ve had a cold a couple of times, as well as my partner, and we’ve also been quite busy with social activities. But because I know I’m ahead of the planner, I needn’t worry.  I’ve got that ‘back-up’ and can rest when needed. Then the next time I get some extra free time I’ll jump back ahead again. It is a nice feeling to know that I have some lee way with my studies and it makes it seem far less stressful.

Ultimately, the key to successful long distance study is making it work for you and your lifestyle. In the real world, every week is different and things change, but with a bit of planning and preparing it is still completely possible!

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