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How to get back into study mode after summer

Posted on 09/01/2019 by

Returning to study after a summer holiday can be tough; below are some tips to make it easier.

With Christmas and New Year behind us, chances are you’re starting to get back into your Study From Home routine.

Or maybe you’re considering starting fresh with a new course (you can check out our 2019 qualifications here).

Wherever you’re at with your study journey, here are some tips to get back into study mode after the break.

1. Re-visit your study schedule

Your study schedule is your guiding light; it outlines the time you will spend studying around other commitments in your life such as childcare or part-time work.

Why not refresh your study schedule for the new year to make the most of the summer weather? For example, you could wake up earlier with the sunrise and do some study before the rest of the household wakes up. Or maybe you could make the most of the evening light and do a few hours after dinner (since it’s light outside, you might find you feel less tired in the evenings).

If possible, you could also add a few fun summery rewards into your schedule. Like a beach trip each Sunday if you meet your weekly study goals.

2. Reach out to your tutors and fellow students

Get in touch with your tutors and peers to wish them a Happy New Year. The simple act of speaking to people in the same boat as you will help you feel more motivated to get back to study as you won’t feel like you’re doing it alone.

If you’re in a particularly tough slump, don’t hesitate to ask your tutors for some advice – they are full of tips to help you stay motivated throughout your qualification.

3. Make your wellbeing a priority again

It’s no secret that Christmas and New Year is a time of indulgence. And that’s great! But now that you’re back into study, it’s a good idea to focus on your health and wellbeing again.

Try to prioritise getting enough sleep and eating well so you feel energised when you sit down to study.

Don’t be surprised if you feel really tired during your first few days of study. Your brain might need a few days to catch up after the break! Just keep at it and you’ll refind your flow soon.

We hope these tips help you start off 2019 in a good frame of mind.

Do you have any tried and tested tips that help you regain focus after a break? Share in the comments below!

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