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How to create a dedicated study space at home

Posted on 05/03/2015 by

Does your home study space put you to sleep? Don't worry, we've come up with some tips to create a study space that works for you. Photo credit: CollegeDegrees 360, Flickr Creative Commons

Does your home study space put you to sleep? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with some tips to create a study space that works for you. [Photo credit: CollegeDegrees 360, Flickr Creative Commons]

One of the most challenging aspects of studying from home is creating a space where you can concentrate on your learning with absolutely no distractions.

It’s far too tempting to juggle writing an essay with putting on a load of washing, watching the television or preparing a meal. Everywhere you look, you probably see chores waiting to be done!

The key to success is to set aside a dedicated study space. A space you can retreat to when you need some quiet time. This is especially important if you have a family or share a house with other people.

You might have to get creative – very few of us have the luxury of a home office or spare bedroom. We’ve scoured the internet for tips and ideas. We hope you find these useful.

Identify your biggest distractions

What distracts you the most? For some, it might be the television, for others it could be the lure of the sun shining outside. You want to set up a home study space where distractions are minimal, and where temptation is out of sight.

Sitting down to study on the couch in front of the television (even when it is turned off) is like having someone place your favourite food on your lap and tell you you’re not allowed to eat it. You’ll find yourself constantly thinking about the thing you can’t have, instead of concentrating on the task at hand!

Pick a space that suits you

The beauty of studying from home is you don’t have to worry about putting on fancy clothes or sitting up straight. If a boring desk and chair set-up isn’t your thing, then figure out what is.

This might be curling up on a comfy bean bag armed with highlighters and a notepad, or taking your laptop outside into the back garden.

Just for fun, we love these unique home office space ideas from Pinterest:

Create a portable ‘study toolbox’

If you can’t create a permanent study space, then it’s a good idea to keep all of your important files and the stationery you need together. Pop them in a box, bag, briefcase – just make sure it is easy to transport around so you can set up a study space anywhere in your home or even at places like the library or a local café.

You’ll know best what you need to be productive, but some ideas of what to include in your study toolbox include:

– Pens, pencils & highlighers
– Refill paper
– A printed calendar of key dates
– Post-it notes
– Diary
– Your tutor’s contact details

These are just a few simple ideas for how you can transform a space in your home to for study. Remember, make it fun, enjoyable and easy to set-up. Anything that is too difficult or uncomfortable will be unappealing and you’ll be more likely to procrastinate.

If you already have a great study space, we’d love to hear your tips! Comment below and share your ideas with fellow distance learners.

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