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How a food routine could help you study smarter

Posted on 15/05/2019 by

Being organised when it comes to food can help you be more productive on your study days.

One of the undisputed perks of studying from home is having all-day access to the fridge, pantry, and kettle.

However, is your kitchen proving to be more of a distraction than a benefit?

Studying from home can throw your entire schedule out of whack – including your meal times.

A good tip is to try to stick to a regular, consistent eating routine. Try to take regular meal breaks as if you were in class or in an office. For example, start your day with breakfast, take a lunch break, and take short breaks for morning tea and afternoon tea.

This might not sound like rocket science, but taking regular breaks to refuel is great for your brain, your energy levels, and your productivity.

Another tip is to meal plan. Knowing what you’re going to eat each day (and when) will save you valuable time staring into the fridge. It’ll also stop you from procrastinating and doing a 2-hour cook up on a study day.

Unlike when you study in a classroom or work in an office, you can’t just nip out to grab a takeaway lunch (unless you happen to live next door to some shops!). So, it’s also important to keep your fridge and pantry well-stocked with quick meals that are good for your brain.

You could also use your eating routine as an opportunity to socialise with friends and family. When you have a consistent routine, you can let family members know that you’ll be breaking for lunch at 12.30 pm every day – and that’s when they should call or visit.

Following an eating routine may seem a little strange at first, especially if you’re used to all-day snacking. But, after a few days, you’ll likely notice huge improvements in your mood and productivity levels.

As with most things about studying from home, it really comes down to creating and following a clear, achievable study plan. The study plan is at the heart of everything!

If you need help with your study plan, check out our article: How to create a study plan (and stick to it).

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