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Four ways studying from home can save you money

Posted on 07/12/2016 by
Being able to cook home-cooked meals is just one of the ways that studying from home can save you money.

Being able to cook home-cooked meals is just one of the ways that studying from home can save you money.

If you’re considering studying travel & tourism from home, you’ll be pleased to know that it could save you money.

Here are four ways studying from home could be good for your bank account.

1. You don’t have to commute to class

Forget paying for public transport, petrol, or parking – commuting from your bed to your desk costs absolutely nothing (except a little bit of self-motivation). It’s amazing how quickly transport costs can add up, so make the most of this unexpected saving.

2. You can eat at home

Eating out can burn a huge hole in your wallet and, depending on your choices, might not be great for your health. Save your money (and your waistline!) by swapping takeout for home-cooked meals. Here are 10 healthy study snack ideas to get you off to a good start.

3. You can wear whatever you want

Dressing up for class can dig into your savings – but not when you study from home! You can wear comfortable ‘house’ clothes and save your best outfits for job interviews or social outings. You’ll also save money in makeup and shoes.

4. You can juggle study with childcare

If you’re a parent, you can save on the cost of childcare by keeping your kids at home with you throughout the day. That said, it’s important to schedule in some quiet time for your assignments. Try to share the childcare responsibilities with your partner or other family members. If you can’t get any help with the kids, you may want to consider switching to a part-time course.

Thinking about studying travel & tourism in 2017? We’re now accepting enrolments for the new year. Get in touch today to learn more about studying from home with ITC.

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