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Forget New Year’s Resolutions – set Intentions instead

Posted on 11/01/2017 by

Make 2017 a year to remember by setting some thoughtful Intentions.

Happy New Year! Before you set some New Year’s Resolutions, can we make a tiny suggestion?

Set some New Year’s Intentions instead.

What’s the difference? we hear you ask.

A Resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”.

An Intention is simply “an aim or a plan”.

Resolutions tend to be firm, strong, and non-negotiable; Intentions are flexible, gentle, and sustainable.

How to set an Intention

Resolutions usually pose the question: “What do I want to achieve?” (E.g., lose weight or save $1000).

Intentions pose a different question. They ask: “What kind of person do I want to be?” (E.g., healthy, wealthy, joyful).

Take some time to deeply reflect on who you want to be in 2017. How do you want to feel on a daily basis? What kind of attitude and energy do you want to bring to your work and study? How do you want to interact with friends and family?

Intentions are often just one word, such as “joy” or “creativity”. Their power is in their simplicity.

“Intentions aren’t to be confused with goals,” writes author Marla Tabaka for “They are about who you want to be, what you wish to contribute to the world, and how you choose to touch the lives of others.”

That said, Intentions will help you achieve your goals. If your goal is to finish studying in 2017, then an Intention such as “focus” or “curiosity” will help you stay on track.

“Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your purpose,” adds Marla.

Are you ready to set your 2017 Intention? Here are some more tips and ideas to get you started.

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