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Five ways to stay social when you study from home

Posted on 08/05/2019 by

It’s important to incorporate socialising into your schedule when you Study From Home.

The advantages of studying from home are obvious: flexibility, freedom, comfort, and of course being able to study five paces from the fridge!

But this way of studying doesn’t come without its challenges.

One of the biggest challenges of studying from home can be loneliness, especially if you don’t work a part-time job or live with family.

But never fear, this is a challenge that can be easily fixed.

Here are five ways to avoid loneliness and find ways to socialise when you study from home.

1. Make the most of ITC’s support

The ITC Study From Home team is only ever a phone call or email away. We’re not just here to help you with questions about airline, travel and tourism – we can also give you tips on studying from home in general, including advice on how to stay motivated and connected to your community. Please contact us if you need some tips on adjusting to the Study From Home lifestyle.

2. Attend the in-person workshop at the start of your course

We run an in-person workshop in Auckland at the beginning of both our Level 3 qualifications. While this workshop isn’t compulsory (we understand it’s not always possible to travel to Auckland), it is a fantastic way to meet your classmates who will likely become treasured friends throughout your course. Read this story for inspiration on how you can form close friendships while studying from home.

3. Take ‘social’ breaks

See if there are ways to make your breaks a social experience. For example, instead of eating lunch alone at home, consider treating yourself to something from a local cafe once a week or taking your lunch to a nearby park on sunny days. While you might not have any in-depth conversations while you’re out, just being out of the house will help to reduce feelings of loneliness. Another way you could make breaks social is by spending them with your family, going for a walk with a neighbour, or calling a friend. The moral of the story? Just try not to spend all of your downtime doing isolated activities, like watching television or reading.

4. Follow a study schedule

This is one piece of advice we try to drum into all our students: follow a study schedule! A schedule will clearly outline when you’ll spend time studying and when you have free time to spend with friends, family and leisure activities. Sure, you might only have a few hours of ‘fun’ a week but if it’s there on the schedule it will motivate you to enjoy this sacred time, instead of feeling like you have to study 24/7.

5. Call people

Get on the phone! It’s amazing how a 15-minute phone call can lift your mood. Even if you don’t share your physical space with classmates, you can still create your own little network by calling other people on your course or checking in with friends and family. Never underestimate the power of a short phone call. And of course, don’t forget that the Study From Home team is available during business days, too.

Want to learn more about studying from home at ITC? Get in touch today to learn how we can support you on your journey to join the airline, travel and tourism industry.

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