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Five ways to stay motivated when job hunting

Posted on 09/11/2016 by
Here are five ways to stay motivated when looking for a job in airline, travel or tourism.

Here are five ways to stay motivated when looking for a job in airline, travel and tourism.

The airline, travel and tourism industry is booming – there’s never been a better time to start a career in this sector.

That said, finding a job still takes practice, patience and perseverance, especially if you’ve just graduated and you’re trying to build up experience.

If you’re currently job hunting, here’s five ways to stay motivated and keep faith, even on the days when it feels like a challenge.

1. Polish your CV

Aside from a friendly smile and a professional, can-do attitude, a well-written CV is your biggest job-hunting asset. Spend some time polishing your CV to make sure it’s free from spelling, grammar and formatting errors.

If possible, try to keep it to one page – most employers prefer short and sweet CVs that clearly demonstrate your experience without going into unnecessary detail.

You might also like to write a brief ‘personal statement’ at the beginning of your CV, outlining who you are, what you can bring to an organisation, and what type of work you’re looking for. Just be sure to change this to suit each job application.

2. Volunteer for work experience

Doing some unpaid work experience is an excellent way to bulk up your CV and get to know potential employers in your area. Plus, it will keep you busy and teach you some professional skills so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting time at home.

Check out our post from last month for tips on how to approach employers for work experience.

3. Talk to your tutors

Did you know your Study From Home tutors might be able to help you with your job search? Ask them for some tips and pointers – no matter what, you can definitely count on them to provide some motivation and cheer you on from the sidelines.

4. Sign up to job alerts

Don’t miss out on the job of your dreams – sign up to alerts from Seek, Trade Me Jobs, and other job sites, so you get opportunities delivered straight to your inbox.

It’s also a good idea to set aside at least an hour per day to send out applications and trawl through job boards.

5. Make the most of every opportunity

Your first job might not be your dream job – nor your second job, or even your third. It takes time to build your dream career, and the only way to speed the process up is to make the most of every opportunity. Every job can teach you something and will get you one step closer to your goals.

As ITC graduate Jen Fiddes summarises: “Your dream job will come along – if it doesn’t straight away, just be patient, because it will happen eventually.”

This post was written for graduates of ITC’s Study From Home qualifications. If you’re interested in studying with ITC via distance learning, please contact us to find out more about our exciting airline, travel and tourism courses.

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