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Five tips for studying on-the-go

Posted on 18/07/2018 by

With ITC Study From Home, it’s possible to study if you move around a lot — but it’s important to be organised and make study a priority.

One of the benefits of studying from home with ITC is you can study anywhere, anytime. Technically, you could complete your assignments from a hotel or a friend’s couch or a family member’s holiday home — anywhere you have reliable internet.

But, studying on-the-go is easier said than done. If you’re moving around a lot (perhaps for work or family reasons) you’ll need to take extra steps to make sure you’re still productive with your time.

Here are five tips for studying on-the-go.

1. Follow a study schedule

A study schedule is a must-have for any distance learning student. It’s a weekly calendar outlining the times you’ll spend studying each week. Here is our guide for creating (and sticking to!) a study plan.

2. Set clear boundaries

Protect your study time by setting clear boundaries with friends and family members. Share your schedule with them so they know not to interrupt you when you’re working on assignments.

3. Create a study bag or box

Put together a kit of all your study tools, such as your laptop, notepad, and pens & pencils. Keep all of your gear in one portable bag or box, so you always have everything you need at hand.

4. Make study your priority

Studying from home offers so much flexibility, it could be tempting to try to fit in lots of other activities alongside your assignments. But it’s important to make study your priority — not travelling or visiting friends and family or anything else. You’ll have plenty of time for that once you’ve completed all your qualification. Just remember, you won’t be studying forever.

5. Stay in touch with your tutors

If you move around often, remember to keep communicating with your tutors, especially if you’re not always at your primary address. Even though most communication is done online, it’s still important to keep them updated of any changes to your personal circumstances.

Are you interested in studying from home with ITC? Get in touch today to learn more about our upcoming courses.

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