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Five reasons to study tourism (from home) in 2018

Posted on 06/12/2017 by

Leap into the new year by enrolling in a tourism qualification with ITC Study From Home.

Now is a great time to start making plans for 2018 – the new year is mere weeks away!

Whether you’re leaving school, looking to study, or simply in the mood for a career change, a qualification in tourism could lead to exciting job opportunities all throughout New Zealand.

Here are five reasons to consider studying tourism (from home with ITC Study From Home) in the new year.

1. Tourism is one of NZ’s largest industries

Tourism is New Zealand’s largest export industry. It currently employs 188,136 people in New Zealand (or 7.5 per cent of the total number of employed people).

More international visitors come to New Zealand each year, creating a high demand for skilled tourism workers. Tourism is an industry poised for growth with excellent career prospects.

2. You can work almost anywhere in New Zealand

Many of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations are located outside of major city centres. For example, Northland’s beautiful beaches or Southland’s magical mountains. Wherever you live in New Zealand, there’s sure to be a tourist attraction close to your home.

With ITC Study From Home, you can achieve a tourism qualification in your home town without incurring the expense (and stress) of moving to Auckland.

3. There’s a high demand for skilled tourism workers

As New Zealand’s tourism industry grows, there is a high demand for skilled workers to fill jobs. If you achieve a tourism qualification, you’re likely to be a sought-after candidate for entry-level tourism positions within your community.

4. Tourism offers plenty of transferable skills

If you’re unsure what to study, tourism could be a good choice. It offers plenty of transferable skills, such as customer service skills and computer skills, that would be useful in other industries.

Many of our graduates have started their career in tourism and then moved into other industries later in life. You never know what doors a tourism qualification could open for you.

5. You can be qualified in as soon as 20 weeks

Our tourism qualifications pack a lot of information into a relatively short time-frame, allowing you to be work-ready in as little as 20 weeks (depending on the qualification, and if you study full-time).

Part-time options are also available for those who would prefer to study at a slower pace – ideal if you are juggling study with raising kids or a part-time job.

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to start study, so don’t miss out on spaces in our next Study From Home courses. Get in touch now to learn more.

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