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Five free ways to reward yourself for studying

Posted on 11/03/2020 by

Plan some relaxing activities to reward yourself for studying.

When you Study From Home, you don’t have a teacher standing at the front of the classroom encouraging you to stay on track.

You do have a tutor available via email and phone, but sometimes it’s not quite the same – especially if you need some extra encouragement at, say, 11 pm at night!

That’s why it’s super important to reward yourself for your study efforts.

When you set yourself some study milestones for the week – for example, to finish a particular assignment or start another one – make sure you also assign a small reward for when you tick off that goal.

The challenge is, if your reward costs money, the cost can quickly add up. That’s why it’s best to choose free rewards that cost zero dollars but make you feel recharged and fantastic.

Here are five ideas for inspiration.

1. An hour of YouTube comedy

We all know how hilarious YouTube can be. We advise you to stay far away from this distraction when you need to focus on your studies. But, as a reward, it can be great. 

Once you complete a study milestone, settle in for an hour of laughter and lightheartedness to celebrate a job well done.

2. A walk in nature

In today’s fast-paced world, getting out for a walk on the beach or through some beautiful native bush can feel like a luxury – especially if you’re often short on time.

Schedule a relaxing, restorative stroll for when you finish your next assignment. If the weather is nice, why not add a swim in the ocean, too.

3. An afternoon nap

Is there anything more indulgent than an afternoon nap? This one will be a big reward for those with demanding jobs or young kids! 

Set aside time to enjoy a sneaky snooze as a reward for your study efforts.

4. Your favourite type of screen time

Screen time is something that can interfere with your studies if you don’t be careful, which is why many students avoid things like television and video games when they are in the middle of assignments.

But, using screen time as a reward is a great way to motivate yourself to stay focused.

Set aside some time to enjoy your favourite TV show or play a few video games once you complete your next study milestone.

5. Catch up with friends

If you’re juggling studying from home with family commitments or a part-time job, you might feel like you never see your friends.

Socialising can be hard to squeeze in, so set this as a reward. If meeting up with friends in-person is too hard, consider video calling or even just an old-fashioned phone call. 

Hopefully one of these rewards speaks to you and will provide that extra motivation you need to study.

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