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“Don’t let life get in the way of your dreams” says SFH graduate

Posted on 03/05/2017 by

Study From Home graduate Stacey Harris has some great advice for mums who would like to juggle studying with raising kids. Here she is pictured with her family at one of New Zealand’s famous Maori landmarks, Te Kohatu o Hatupatu. 

Study From Home graduate Stacey Harris started dreaming about travel as a young girl, listening to her aunt’s travel stories.

“My aunt told me stories about her OE. I found it so fascinating to hear about all the places she visited at the young age of 24!” says Stacey, who recently completed a travel and tourism qualification with ITC Study From Home.

Stacey was also inspired by her high school social studies teacher, who regaled the class with stories about Ancient Egypt and Greece.

One thing is for sure: Stacey is passionate about travel.

But she also understands the challenge of juggling travel with study and motherhood. As a mum to three children (aged 10, 4, and 2) Stacey knows what it’s like to be a busy, multi-passionate mum – and she has some advice for other mums who are thinking about studying from home.

“Take the plunge. Take the first step. APPLY!” says Stacey.

“If you are anything like me, and you’re passionate about travel, I urge you to take this amazing opportunity to further your skills and knowledge. Life sometimes gets in the way of the career you always wanted, but with Study From Home you can make it work.”

She says studying as a mum is not always easy, but it’s so rewarding – and so worth the effort.

“Your studies will challenge you like never before. You may lose sleep (but sleep, what is that?). You may stress to meet deadlines and bite your nails waiting for your results. But, when it’s all said and done, and you graduate with that Certificate or Diploma in your hand and those little faces looking up at you – up TO you – smiling with pride and joy, well… there’s no greater reward!”

Stacey adds that studying with ITC isn’t all hard work – it’s also a lot of fun. Her favourite part of the course was learning about all the different travel options and experiences.

“From overnight luxury train travelling to luxury coach tours and my favourite, cruises! I loved learning about all the different cruise options, from the big cruise lines to the small ships. It was amazing, so the next holiday on the bucket list is definitely saving to do a family cruise,” says Stacey.

But before she sails away, she’s settling into her new job as Reservations Consultant for Millennium Hotels – a role she found soon after graduating.

“Upon completion of my course I took a short, much-needed holiday with my partner to Fiji, and then I got stuck into job hunting. I was extremely lucky to get an interview and be offered the job all in the space of 10 days,” says Stacey.

“I love my new job. It’s exciting, fun, and challenging all in one,” she added.

If you love travel as much as Stacey, and you’re looking for a fun new career, a travel and tourism qualification could be perfect for you.

“Travel and tourism is not just a job. It’s not even just a career. It’s an adventure, it’s a challenge, it’s a journey. And it’s YOUR journey!” says Stacey.

“The world is your oyster, you get to personalise it however you like. So get out there and start your journey today. Start it here with the International Travel College of New Zealand.”

Study From Home is enrolling now for the second half of 2017. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you get your travel and tourism career off to a flying start.

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