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Could studying before sleep make you smarter?

Posted on 10/10/2018 by

Research suggests that studying before sleep could help you remember more information.

Most people choose to study in the morning when they are fresh and well-rested.

But could studying before you go to bed make you smarter?

According to an article in Lifehacker, several studies suggest that studying before you go to sleep – be it for the night or for a nap – can help your brain retain more information.

The idea is that sleep helps your brain form new connections.

“If you want to cement new knowledge in your brain, recent sleep research demonstrates that a good night’s sleep following your studies has a significant impact on your ability to retain information,” the article reads.

There is only one way to find out if this technique works for you: give it a try!

Next time you’re struggling to remember something, write it out a few times on a piece of paper right before you go to sleep. Then see how much you remember when you wake up.

This study technique will likely come as good news for people who study after work or late at night – for example, when the kids are asleep.

Sometimes when you study from home, you have to fit in study whenever you can – and that’s not always first thing in the morning when you’re feeling rested.

At least now you know that your brain can still retain important information at the end of the day. 

Next time you fall into bed exhausted after a study session, just think: your brain will be doing lots of hard work forming new connections when you sleep.

Even sleep makes us smarter. Pretty cool, right?

Just don’t forget that quality of sleep is important, so try to follow these simple tips for getting a good night’s rest:

  • Avoid looking at a screen at least one hour before bedtime (this includes phones, laptops, TV). If you’re studying, use a pen and paper instead.
  • Avoid caffeine or sugar too late in the day. Have a soothing chamomile tea before bed.
  • If you have trouble relaxing before bed, listen to some relaxation music or download a free meditation app like Headspace.
  • Keep a pen and paper by your bed to write down any anxieties if your busy brain is keeping you awake. Writing down your worries can help you to relax and ‘switch off’.
  • Read a few pages of a ‘boring’ book – that’s almost guaranteed to help you drift off.


For more tips on getting a good night’s sleep, read our blog 5 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep.

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