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Student interview: Kristen from Christchurch

Posted on 17/10/2018 by

Kristen Reid is studying Level 4 while working at the YHA.

Welcome to a new feature on the Study From Home blog: student interviews.

This is your chance to learn more about what it’s like to Study From Home from people who are currently completing a qualification (or who have recently graduated).

First up, meet Kristen from Christchurch, a second-year student who is studying towards the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4.

Below, she shares her story, tells us about her fantastic job with YHA, and shares some tips for future students.

SFH: What inspired you to Study From Home with ITC?

Kristen: I had been working in the industry for a year and decided I wanted to advance my career. I came from a totally different career background, but when that didn’t work out I moved on to tourism. A friend of mine was actually studying at the time and mentioned he was studying through ITC. I decided to give it a go.

Why did you choose to study travel and tourism?

I was fresh in the industry and didn’t have much knowledge as I came from a completely different industry. I wanted to know as much as I could. My mum was also a huge part of the reason why, I wanted to share my knowledge with her like she has done about the world for me!

What is your dream job?

This time last year I would of told you working for a travel agency selling international products – but now, as cliche as it sounds I have to say it’s my current job. I work for the Youth Hostel Association New Zealand, selling products for inbound tourism. Most of the time it’s also for tourists who are in my age bracket, which makes understanding their needs easy as generally they are like-minded people. It’s amazing and I love every minute of it. Helping people who are coming to our beautiful country is the best part! It also helps that YHA is an amazing place to work.

What do you find most enjoyable about studying from home so far?

Learning at my own pace. I’ve definitely benefited from this. I struggled to keep up at school as I always found it hard in subjects that weren’t art related. So studying from home was the best option. Also being able to study when I was ready was awesome too. There are obviously time limits to when topics are due etc but it worked around my life not the other way around!

What do you find challenging about studying from home?

Self motivation. It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes especially when you work full time as well as study (like myself). It does take a lot of motivation to keep going, but it’s well and truly worth it when you get the results for working hard.

Do you have any tips for students who are thinking about studying from home?

Do it! You will not regret gaining more knowledge! Gaining industry knowledge will only help you grow as a employee and also as a person.

Inspired by Kristen’s story? Study From Home has qualifications starting on October 22 – get in touch to register your interest.

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How one Study From Home graduate started her own travel business

Posted on 05/09/2018 by

Shelley Williams started her own travel agency after completing a Level 4 travel qualification with ITC Study From Home.

Meet Shelley Williams: a recent Study From Home graduate and a new business owner.

Shelley is the company director of Clevedon Travel, a boutique travel agency. She founded Clevedon Travel after she completed the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4 with ITC Study From Home.

Now Shelley is her own boss. Perks of her job include working from home (or by the school pool!), spending more time with her two daughters (aged 7 and 9), and even getting to travel on famil trips (this year she went to Laos). Inspiring, right?

We caught up with Shelley to find out how she started her own tourism business. Below she shares her story, including some tips for anyone keen to work in travel.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m 42 and live on a farm with my husband, my 7 and 9 year old girls, and lots of animals.

What inspired you to study from home with ITC?
When both of my girls started school, I thought it was good timing to go back to work. I realised I wanted a career that allowed me to spend time with my family. I really loved travel, but I needed a formal qualification to get into the industry. ITC offered a great Study From Home option that I could complete while the girls were at school.

What did you enjoy most about the NZ Certificate in Travel Level 4?
I liked the industry knowledge I learned. I especially enjoyed the assignments that gave my brain a workout.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career history? How did you get to where you are today?
My career history is very long! I started working at The Warehouse when I was 16, and after many years there I moved on to office-based customer service and sales jobs. By the time I went on maternity leave nine years ago, I was a PA and had been doing that for several years. While my PA role involved a lot of booking travel for my bosses, I was never in the travel industry.

Tell us about Clevedon Travel. What does your job involve?
My current job is as company director of my own travel agency, Clevedon Travel Limited. I work from home or wherever I can take my laptop (in summer this was often at the school pool). I find clients through local contacts, word of mouth, and online groups (e.g. Facebook).

Since January, when I started the company, I’ve done everything from designing my own website, to booking cruises, organising a 5* honeymoon for a Texan VIP, and I even went on my first famil trip to Laos.

What’s it like being your own boss?
It’s not for the faint-hearted. I’m lucky to have found a mentor in the industry that provides me with lots of support for free. In return, they take a percentage of the over-rides (a bonus commision negotiated with airlines on an annual basis). I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve felt stuck, but I’ve never been without help if I’ve asked for it.

Why travel and tourism?
I love being in the travel industry! The perks are amazing. I get to go to lots of events for free. For instance, last week I was at a Soulful Vietnam Showcase on Monday night (where I won 5* accommodation, a 3-course meal, and show tickets for Saigon! I’m going to give the tickets to the next client who books with me).

Last week I also attended a Buenos Aires event at the Air New Zealand Customer Experience Centre (where they had the most amazing food, wine, and live tango show), and a ship inspection of the Pacific Jewel on Wednesday (including the most fantastic 3-course lunch). There are usually free famil trips up for grabs although I haven’t been lucky yet!

All that said, industry events are not just about the food, drink, goodie bags, and prizes. They are about making contacts in the industry and learning about destinations, services, and other wholesale companies. I’ve met many experienced travel brokers through the events I’ve attended and they’ve been a great help to me.

What travel destinations are on your wish list?
I really want to take my family for a White Christmas in the next year or two. New York is magical at Christmas time, and I’d love to tag on a trip to Canada and Alaska to check out their extreme winter. I’d also love to sail on a Hurtigruten in Norway to check out the Northern Lights, and cruise everywhere on everything really!

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying tourism with ITC Study From Home?
Do it! And do it to the best of your ability. All the resources are there for you, you just have to take advantage of them and ask for help if you need it.

Any final tips or words of wisdom for future students?
Keep learning. I never stopped when I completed my tourism qualification. I kept learning about anything and everything. There is SO much to learn in travel, I doubt I’ll ever stop learning. There are free web courses for the most popular destinations, all of the cruise lines, and even most of the airlines offer agent sites with training courses and information. The more you learn, the more of an expert you’ll become, and the better you’ll be able to help your customers.

Are you inspired by Shelley’s story? Get in touch today to learn more about our airline, travel and tourism courses. 

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“Thank you for the learning adventure” says SFH graduate

Posted on 04/07/2018 by

A self-described “adventure junkie”, Cheytarna loves getting out of her comfort zone.

Cheytarna Scott recently completed the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Aviation with ITC Study From Home — an experience she called a “learning adventure”.

“I want to send a huge thank you to ITC Study From Home for assisting me through this learning adventure,” says Cheytarna.

“I enjoyed every single minute, unit and challenge set before me, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.”

Cheytarna is now working for Flight Centre Manakau as a Novice Consultant. Below she gives us an insight into her journey so far and shares some tips for future distance learning students.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 23 years old and am Cook Island Maori. I grew up in Clendon with my Nana and Papa. I’m the oldest of three and the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family, so I guess you could say I have oldest child syndrome! I’m a bubbly and outgoing character who loves to have fun and experience new things. I’m kind of an adventure junkie and am always eager to do activities that push my limits. I also appreciate art, music, and love a good book, and have a great passion for astrology.

I appreciate and live for moments that I can share with my family and partner, and I’m a true believer of making memories instead of gaining materials. I’m intrigued by the cultures and diversity of the world, which is what attracted me to the travel industry.

What inspired you to study with ITC?

The thing that attracted me the most was the Study From Home courses. I loved that I could study without having to give up work, and therefore my income. I was also impressed by ITC’s reputable academic success rate.

Attending Orientation Day, meeting the tutors, visiting campus and hearing all the success stories confirmed to me that I made the right decision.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

The assistance and support I received from all my tutors. Whenever I needed anything, they were always there and responded promptly. The website was easy to use and each unit was informative and intriguing, and the instructions were easy to understand and follow.

What is your dream job?

I do not have a specific dream job at the moment. I do, however, know that I would love to offer everybody the opportunity to travel, whatever background or social status you belong to. I want normal people like me, who have in the past thought it’s too expensive to get out and experience the world, to be able to do so. I want them to realise that with a little determination and goal-setting, it can be done.

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying at ITC?

Remember to balance your study life with family life. Prioritise your time wisely, especially if you are studying from home. Make sure you study in a comfortable and quiet environment. Ensure you communicate with whoever you live with that you’re studying at home, so they can take that into consideration.

Any final tips or words of wisdom for future students?

Remember there is always support, always someone to ask for help. Don’t be shy to ask a “silly” question. And don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back when you complete a unit. Set goals and aim to smash them!

Are you inspired by Cheytarna’s story? Get in touch today to learn more about our upcoming courses.

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Wise words from a Study From Home graduate

Posted on 28/02/2018 by

Study From Home graduate Leaah Wilkinson is about to start a new job working on the Disney Cruise Ship.

Ever wondered what it’s like to Study From Home with ITC? Are you curious about what kind of jobs and experiences a tourism qualification could lead to?

We recently interviewed Study From Home graduate Leaah Wilkinson to give you an insight into our courses. Below, she shares some wise words from her experience at ITC and tells us all about her exciting new role with Disney.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Leeah Wilkinson. I’m 20 years old, and I’m a bubbly, outgoing person with a passion for tourism. I also love children.

What inspired you to Study From Home with ITC?

I was inspired to Study From Home because of the great courses offered at such an affordable rate. I also loved the idea of having a little bit of freedom and flexibility.

What qualification did you complete?

I completed the Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Travel.

Congratulations on your new job! Can you give us a brief description of your role?

I’m about to work for Disney on a Disney cruise ship in the kid’s department. This involves me living on the ship and looking after all the families that come onboard for a two-week holiday.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be to manage and run a kid’s club on a major cruise line.

What destinations are on your travel wish list?

The world, everywhere and anywhere!

Do you have any advice for people thinking about studying from home?

It’s a great opportunity to upskill. And if you’re not ready to take the leap and move to Auckland, you can still get a tourism qualification while being close to home.

Any final tips or words of wisdom for future students?

Don’t be scared! Any opportunity is a good one. Whether it’s big or small, it’ll all help in the long run.

Are you inspired by Leeah’s story? Study From Home is enrolling now for March 2018. Get in touch today to learn more about our airline, travel and tourism qualifications.

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Highlights from 2017

Posted on 20/12/2017 by

Here are the best blog posts from 2017, a big year for NZ tourism and ITC.

We’ve published some gems on the Study From Home blog this year. From study tips and inspiration to tourism news and student interviews, there are plenty of articles to help you on your Study From Home journey.

Here are some of the highlights from the Study From Home blog in 2017.

Regional tourism boom creates jobs throughout New Zealand

Tourism expenditure is on the rise throughout New Zealand (not just the big cities), which is great news for those who live in the regions.

ITC Study From Home donates $1,000 to community playground

The children of Waimauku have a wonderful new playground thanks to the generosity of the Waimauku Lions and supporting businesses, including ITC Study From Home.

Distance learning vs. classroom learning: What’s right for me?

A great blog to help you decide whether you’re better suited for studying from home or studying in the classroom.

“Don’t let life get in the way of your dreams” says SFH graduate

An inspiring interview with Study From Home graduate Stacey Harris, who is now working as a Reservations Consultant for Millennium Hotels.

Solo mum of three finds dream job as travel consultant

Read about how Study From Home graduate Rachel McIlroy landed her dream job as a travel consultant for You Travel in Eltham, Taranaki.

Study From Home students shine at 2017 graduation

Several Study From Home students travelled from all over New Zealand to receive their certificates at ITC’s special graduation ceremony, held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland.

SFH student lands dream job with Air New Zealand

Kristina McGaffin is another Study From Home success story. Read about how she landed her dream job with Air New Zealand earlier this year.

Tips for juggling part-time work with part-time study

Studying from home and working part-time can be a great way to earn money while you gain a qualification. Here are some tips on how to balance the two.

Looking for more Study From Home inspiration and tips? We’ll be back next year with more blogs, starting January 10.

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SFH graduate lands dream job with Air New Zealand

Posted on 06/09/2017 by

Study From Home graduate Kristina McGaffin loves her job as Lounge Host in the Air New Zealand Koru Club Lounge at Wellington Airport.

When Kristina McGaffin began the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 with ITC Study From Home, she wasn’t sure what her future held.

“I did not think I would ever be where I am today, but here I am!” says Kristina, who is now working her dream job with Air New Zealand.

Kristina is a Lounge Host in the Koru Club Lounge at Wellington Airport. Her job is to greet customers and ensure they have a positive experience.

She credits ITC Study From Home with helping her land this position. She says she was inspired to study with ITC after reading about student success stories.

“The success stories were very positive and the support sounded great,” says Kristina.

She was also drawn to Study From Home so she could continue working full-time while she gained her qualification.

“I wanted to be able to study in my own time while working a full-time job. I appreciated the flexibility to study wherever and whenever I needed.”

Originally from Hawke’s Bay, Kristina is enjoying living and working in Wellington, and hopes to do some international travel in the near future. Current destinations on her wish list include Vietnam, Thailand, and Hawaii – or, as Kristina says, “anywhere there is a beach!”

She has a few words of wisdom for students considering studying from home.

“Do it. You won’t regret it! And don’t give up on what you want. Anything is possible.”

Are you inspired by Kristina’s story? Get in touch today to learn how we can help you get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start.

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Study From Home students shine at 2017 Graduation

Posted on 09/08/2017 by

Study From Home students and tutors celebrate at the 2017 ITC Graduation at the Langham Hotel in Auckland.

On Friday July 21, several Study From Home students attended the ITC 2017 Graduation Ceremony at the Langham Hotel in Auckland.

Held in the Langham’s magnificent Great Room, it was a stunning evening of culture, canapes, and celebrations. The 2017 theme was ‘Your Own Culture’, so everyone dressed up as something inspired by their cultural heritage.

“It was wonderful to see so many Study From Home students at Graduation. They all looked fantastic!” says Richard Euston, Study From Home Team Leader.

Graduation is one of the highlights of Richard’s year, as it’s a chance to catch up with students from around the country and celebrate their achievements. One student travelled all the way from Roxburgh in Central Otago.

“Achieving a Study From Home qualification takes motivation, commitment, and lots of hard work. It’s amazing to be able to congratulate each student on their success,” he says.

The evening began with drinks, canapes and networking, before the official ceremony opened with an impressive Kapa Haka performance by Edgewater College, followed by a presentation by guest speakers Sam Mooney and Clint Maskell from STRAY.

Next, students were called up on stage to receive their certificates – their chance to shine!

“Giving out certificates is one of my favourite parts of the evening. It’s great to be able to shake each student’s hand, acknowledge their amazing effort, all while their friends and family cheer from the audience,” says Richard.

Richard also awarded three special awards to high performing students.

Communication Excellence: Mary Rivera
Academic Excellence: Leah Tapu Tuia
Student of the Year: Rachael McIlroy

After the special awards were presented, the official ceremony came to an end. Students and tutors then gathered in the foyer to take photos and say their goodbyes.

Professional photos from the evening are available on ITC’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag yourself and your friends!

Do you want to graduate with a tourism qualification next year? Study From Home is enrolling now for courses starting August 21. Apply today!

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Study From Home graduate Maria Vaifale shares her story

Posted on 19/07/2017 by

Studying from home with ITC allowed Maria, a single mother of three, to rediscover her love for the travel industry.

Every Study From Home student has their own unique story to tell. In this week’s blog post, recent graduate Maria Vaifale shares her special journey. From her very first tourism job to the moment she decided to study from home, Maria’s story is an inspiration to all.

“I knew a part of me was missing”

Maria, a Kiwi born Samoan, has always loved the travel industry. Her first job was as a Travel Consultant for AMA Travel in 1997. However, she gave up this job when she settled down and started a family.

It wasn’t until recently that Maria realised “a part of her was missing”. She realised that she still loved the travel industry and wanted to return to work in this sector.

“Despite all of the great jobs I had over the years (with awesome salaries), I knew a part of me was missing. I analysed my situation and automatically Travel Consultant came to my mind,” says Maria, who worked in sales for companies like Avis Rental Cars and NZ Post during her break from the travel industry.

“I knew I could be a Travel Consultant again as I had the experience and knowledge of the job itself. I also had support from friends who had faith in me, as they too were confident that I’d be able to restart this career.”

Maria started to look for correspondence courses so she could work around her kid’s school hours (she’s a single mother of three) when she came across Study From Home – and she hasn’t looked back.

“ITC radiated so much positive energy”

Maria says ITC’s website and student success stories inspired her to apply, and that she was even more impressed with the College when she attended the Study From Home Orientation Day.

“There was so much positive energy in the atmosphere, not just from the tutors but also from the students. I was even more excited to commence my studies.”

“I enjoyed being able to complete the course at my own pace”

One of the main reasons many people choose to study from home is flexibility. For Maria, this was a huge bonus.

“I also loved having the awesome online team supporting me all the way, whether via phone call or email,” says Maria.

She adds that she was especially grateful for their constant motivation and encouragement.

“I’m thankful to have had such empathetic tutors, who were not going to give up on me but walked with me through my journey. I enjoyed the service from ITC and will miss everyone.”

“Now I work for Tourism Holdings as a Booking Host”

After completing her Level 4 qualification, Maria was accepted to work for Tourism Holdings in Mangere as a Booking Host (Reservation Agent).

“This job works with clients from America, Europe, and Australia. I provide pre-travel and on-hire guidance and advice, as well as issue accurate quotations and bookings for car and motorhome rentals to domestic and international clients,” says Maria.

She hopes this role will get her one step closer to her dream job, which is to work as a Travel Consultant for Air New Zealand.

“Your tutors are there for you – to guide you and answer your questions”

Maria has plenty of advice for people who are considering studying from home.

“You need to be motivated, focused, and determined to persevere through the ups and downs of your course. Ask your tutors a lot of questions via phone or email. Don’t be shy, otherwise your question will never be answered. No question is stupid, so don’t doubt yourself,” says Maria.

“Also, set a time for you to study with no interruptions. Be consistent with your studies but also realistic. Remember why you’re doing the course and think of the end line, because that’s what you’re aiming for – to graduate!”

Her final words are if she can do it, anyone can.

“I am 40 years old and a single mother… if I can complete my Travel Level 4, so can you. Go for gold and all the best!”

Are you inspired by Maria’s story? Study From Home is enrolling now with courses starting on 21 August. It’s not too late to apply – get in touch today to register your interest.

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Solo mum of three finds dream job as travel consultant

Posted on 07/06/2017 by

Rachael McIlroy rocks a new haircut ahead of starting her dream job as a travel consultant for You Travel in Eltham.

When Rachael McIlroy was thinking about enrolling with Study From Home, she read the success stories on our website.

At that moment, she felt a spark – a strong motivation to become a Study From Home success story herself.

“From the beginning I said to myself ‘I am going to be a success story’ – and I set out to do it,” says Rachael.

It’s safe to say she achieved her goal. Rachael is now working her dream job as a travel consultant for You Travel in Eltham, Taranaki. In this role, she helps people book overseas trips by offering professional advice and selling travel packages.

The solo mum of three has wanted to work in travel since she was just a toddler, when she started flying with her grandfather in his Cessna. Studying tourism from home helped her confirm this passion.

She’s thankful she had the opportunity to study from home and encourages other tourism hopefuls to do the same.

“If you’re unable to attend campus training, I encourage you to take the first step and take hold of your dreams by studying from home. With the fantastic and helpful staff, you will not regret it,” says Rachael.

She has a few tips for future Study From Home students.

Dress to impress

Wearing professional attire is not something most Study From Home students think about until they graduate – but Rachael made a point to dress professionally from the start. She found this helped her take her studies more seriously.

“From the word go, prepare yourself professionally. Even at the Orientation Day, I wore professional attire to help me prepare for this industry,” says Rachael.

Try to finish early

Another tip from Rachael is to try to hand in assignments early if you can.

“Try to complete the units early, as you never know what may come up that may hinder your studies for a short time,” she says.

“That said, if this happens the tutors are very helpful,” she adds

Treat study like a first job

“When doing assessments, think to yourself: ‘If I was in this industry already, how would I answer this question to my boss?’ This method helps you produce top quality results of a very high standard,” advises Rachael.

It’s hard work – but it’s worth it.

“I’m happy to say I have my dream job because of this hard work.”

Would you like to find your dream job in airline, travel or tourism? Get in touch today to learn how a qualification from ITC Study From Home can help you become a success story just like Rachael.

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Three tips for climbing the (travel & tourism) career ladder

Posted on 16/11/2016 by
ITC graduates share their advice for climbing the travel & tourism career ladder.

ITC graduates share their advice for climbing the travel & tourism career ladder.

Calling all travel and tourism students and professionals: do you dream of one day getting promoted to a supervisory or management position?

If you want to advance your travel and tourism career, but you’re not sure where to start, look no further – here are some tips from ITC graduates who are currently doing amazing things in the industry.

1. “Work while you study”

“Work while you study, no matter what job it is,” says Aish Rangarajan, Marketing Manager at Tourism Malaysia.

“Every experience gets you that much closer to your dream job.”

At ITC Study From Home, we offer a part-time study option for all our courses. Learn while you earn and advance your career at the same time as gaining a qualification.

Our Level 3 courses are a great option for people at the start of their career, and our Level 4 course is best suited to people with some travel & tourism experience who are looking to get promoted in the near future.

2. “Make a name for yourself”

Nick Steele, the Executive Concierge at Barclay Suites Hotel, believes success is one-part hard work and one-part ‘who you know’. His advice is to work hard and make an excellent impression on everyone you meet.

“Never forget how small the tourism industry really is. If you make a positive (or negative) impact in your job, this will be spread around the industry,” he says.

“Many of the managers are good friends – and tourism providers are very friendly with each other. Make a great name for yourself and this will stead you in good hands for the rest of your career.”

3. “Never lose your sense of wonder”

If you’re curious, enthusiastic, and open to new learning opportunities, you can’t go too far wrong – at least according to Anita van der Mespel, a Retail Travel Consultant at House of Travel.

“Learn everything you possibly can from every opportunity (both in the interviewing stage and once you get a job that may be your ticket to more experience),” says Anita.

“You’ll get there. Never lose your sense of wonder.”

To summarise: invest in your education, work hard, make a name for yourself, and stay curious. With these tips on your side, you stand a great chance of finding your dream job.

Want to learn more about studying travel & tourism via distance learning? Call 0800 788 394 or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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Record numbers of tourists visit regional New Zealand

Posted on 19/10/2016 by
Dunedin city on a sunny day. Otago is one of the fastest-growing regions for tourism in New Zealand.

Dunedin city on a sunny day. Otago is one of the fastest-growing regions for tourism in New Zealand.

There was once a time when winter would leave the streets of ‘small town New Zealand’ deserted. As the weather cooled, summer holidaymakers would head back to their homes, and communities would prepare for a lull in visitors.

Times are changing. This winter, many of New Zealand’s regions showed no signs of slowing down. The streets were still bustling, bars and restaurants heaving, cash registers chiming. A variety of languages could be heard in any coffee shop.

According to data from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), most regions saw an increase in tourism expenditure in the year to August 2016.

Nelson, for example, saw an 11.7 per cent increase in spending to $304 billion – making it the fastest growing region. Otago was hot on Nelson’s heels, with an increase of 9.6 per cent (to $3.2 billion).

New Zealand is well and truly in the midst of a tourism boom. And this is just the beginning. The tourism industry has set the goal of growing to $41 billion by 2025 – a big ambition that will need a strong, skilled workforce to become a reality.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to study travel and tourism. And thanks to the widespread growth of the industry, you don’t have to relocate to Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch to make your dream tourism career a reality.

Whether you live in the winterless north or the stunning south, on the east or west coast, or anywhere in between, there’s most likely a tourism job just around the corner from your home. You might find work at a local i-Site, a hotel or a bungy jump operator. Or maybe you will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at a youth hostel or work as a tour guide showing off the attractions in your region.

Whatever your dreams, ITC Study From Home can help you kickstart your travel & tourism career. We deliver airline, travel and tourism qualifications to students all around New Zealand via distance learning, meaning that you can study without needing to relocate to a bigger city. The only catch? You must be available to travel to Auckland for a workshop throughout your course – but what a great excuse to plan a trip to the big smoke!

Does this sound like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our travel and tourism courses. 

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Study From Home student achieves Disney dream

Posted on 04/05/2016 by
Donna Cowie

Study From Home graduate Donna Cowie is absolutely thrilled to have landed her dream job, working on a Disney cruise ship.

When Donna Cowie enrolled with ITC Study From Home, she had one dream in mind: to work as a youth activities counsellor on a Disney cruise ship. After completing her studies, this bright student from New Plymouth has achieved her dream – she recently joined a Disney cruise ship based out of Florida.

“Studying with ITC turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I have made as it led me to my dream job,” says Donna.

“I’m so blessed to get this job and believe it’s going to be a great start to my travel and tourism career.”

Donna will be at sea for approximately four months, before taking a six-week vacation. Then she has the opportunity to repeat another four-month contract. If everything goes well, she can repeat this cycle (four months on, six weeks off) for as long as she likes.

The ship spends the majority of its time cruising from Florida, but in mid-May it will be heading to Europe for the summer season – a trip Donna can’t wait to experience.

“I am extremely excited at the opportunity to travel the world, explore many different countries, gain cruise industry knowledge and make friends from different areas of the globe – all while working,” she says.

Donna completed the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 and the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4. She said the information she learned on both courses has proven invaluable so far.

“In the few weeks I have been on the ship I’ve already noticed many different aspects I learnt from my courses, and how they play a role in ship life. For example, building client relationships, cultural and language differences, the importance of product knowledge and much more,” says Donna.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more as I go, with the hope of working myself towards a managerial position.”

Donna has a few final words of advice for anyone else looking to pursue their own dream job.

“I want to encourage everyone out there to work hard, take your study day-by-day, have a plan but at the same time be open-minded to what could happen. The whole world is out there and your opportunities are endless, so go after them and best wishes.”

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Five minutes with Study From Home graduate Chantell Awheto

Posted on 24/02/2016 by
Study From Home graduate Chantell Awhero is enjoying her new career with 360 Discovery Cruises.

Study From Home graduate Chantell Awheto is enjoying her new career with 360 Discovery Cruises.

Chantell Awheto recently completed her training through ITC’s Study From Home programme and is now working in customer service for a leading Auckland tourism company. We caught up with her to learn about life after study.

Tell us about your job

I work full time as a sales representative for 360 Discovery Cruises. I deal with customer enquiries, make bookings and check in for the boats.

What is the best part about your role?

The highs include being able to gain satisfaction when it comes to dealing with customers, and creating memorable experiences for them.

Is there anything you find challenging?

Working well under pressure, especially when you’re doing check-in for the boats or dealing with unhappy customers.

What are some perks of the job?

The perks we get as staff for 360 Discoveries are definitely well worth all our hard work. I’ve been able to travel free aboard all our services and do famils of products we have on offer such as experiencing the Coromandel, Tiritiri Matangi and Rotoroa Island. As 360 Discovery Cruises is the little sister company of Fullers, we also get the privilege to travel free aboard some of the Fullers services such as Waiheke Island, Harbour Cruises and more.

What could this job lead to?

This role is the perfect stepping stone to the travel industry. I have learnt and gained all the necessary qualities for the industry when it comes to dealing with customers on a daily basis. I must admit that in working for this company, I’ve learnt how to work well under pressure because it’s such a demanding job, and you’re working in such a fast environment. I definitely see this job leading me into bigger areas within the industry such as travel agencies or check-in services.

What sparked your interest in travel and tourism?

My experiences throughout high school were definitely what sparked my interest. Just the thought of the travel industry itself and how it’s a growing industry all over the world.

What advice could you give to future graduates of ITC?

One thing I would recommend is for everyone to start applying for jobs well before you finish the course. ITC do an amazing job of helping all students get into work after graduating, and I would definitely take advantage of this. Also, apply yourself with confidence, keep a positive attitude and take every opportunity that passes your way.

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Five minutes with Study From Home student Drue Walker

Posted on 23/09/2015 by
Study From Home student Drue Walker shares some study tips and advice

Study From Home student Drue Walker shares some study tips and advice

What are some of the benefits and challenges about distance learning? We caught up with Study From Home student Drue Walker about her experience so far.

Why is Study From Home the best option for you?

Study From Home seemed like the best option for me as I have a full time job and want to keep earning while studying.

What are some highlights about distance learning?

I’m able to work my course around my day-to-day schedule, and if I have any questions I can easily access answers or information on the ITC website or contact a tutor.

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Highlights from Orientation Day

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The Orientation Day includes fun group activities, including a short assessment - you'll walk away from the day with your first credits towards the course

The Orientation Day includes fun group activities, including a short assessment – you’ll walk away from the day with your first credits

Did you know all of our courses include an Orientation Day in Auckland? Held at one of our fabulous campuses, this compulsory, full-day workshop is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know your tutors and fellow classmates.

The most recent Orientation Day was in August and held at the ITC City Campus. Our students travelled to Auckland from all around New Zealand to attend this valuable workshop. We promise it’s worth the journey – in fact, according to Study From Home Team Leader Carla Sutton, Orientation Day is often the key to ensuring every student gets off to a flying start.


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Five minutes with Study From Home student Rebekah Linton

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Study From Home student Rebekah Linton is studying towards becoming a travel agent. This is a picture of her from a recent trip to Disney World

Study From Home student Rebekah Linton is studying towards becoming a travel agent. This is a picture of her from a recent trip to Disney World

What is it like to Study From Home? We caught up with current student Rebekah Linton to find out how her distance learning experience is going.

What sparked your interest in travel and tourism?

Travelling has always been something I have loved to do, as I like visiting new places and learning about new cultures. I’m also a real foodie and love to try out local dishes of the places I visit.

Ever since I was young I was lucky enough to be able to do a fair bit of travelling with my family. I would often go on trips around NZ with my grandparents during the school holidays, and I would usually go on some sort of overseas destination with my parents once a year such as Australia or Vanuatu. I’ve also done Camp America for two years – I spent 3 months at a time working in a summer camp in Maine and Connecticut.


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From Malta to Vietnam: ITC Graduate Gemma shares her travel stories

Posted on 25/03/2015 by
ITC Graduate Gemma Delia swimming with whale sharks in Indonesia - just one of the many exciting experiences she has had on her travels!

ITC Graduate Gemma Delia swimming with whale sharks in Indonesia – just one of the many exciting experiences she has had on her travels!

Gemma Delia graduated from the International Travel College in 2014. Her passion for travel and discovering new places motivated her to gain a qualification and she chose to Study From Home. Gemma is now working as a travel designer for Adventure World. In this role, she helps people achieve their travel dreams. We caught up with her to learn about her favourite travel memories and why she loves working in this exciting industry.

What sparked your interest in travel & tourism?
I have family in Malta (a small island in the Mediterranean Sea) and from a young age we would travel to visit family. Because it took 27 hours to fly there, my family would often stop in different countries along the way to break up the trip. These experiences sparked my interest in cultures and this grew into a passion to travel the world and experience all the world has to offer.

What is your fondest travel memory?
I have so many. But I think of the best moments was when I was diving with Manta Rays in the Galapagos Islands. They had 4 – 5 meter spans and were so close I could have touched them (but of course I didn’t). I just remember hanging in the water about at about 15m and thinking I am luckiest person on earth to be so close to such a beautiful, powerful but graceful creature.


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ITC Graduate Fulfils a Dream

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Crystal (far right) now working for an airline, thanks to ITC and the training she had via her Distance Learning course.

Crystal (far right) now working for an airline, thanks to ITC and the training she had via her Distance Learning course.

Crystal Coates completed ITC’s National Certificate in Tourism Core Skills (level 3) in 2013. Immediately afterwards, she enrolled in our level 3 Aviation course. Crystal decided to study through ITC’s Distance Learning, as she was employed full time as a retail store manager. She proved to be an outstanding student.

In March 2014, Crystal had the opportunity to join the training programme with Jetstar.

“Ground school was quite intense, so much to take in in such a short time. Exams… oh my goodness! But I passed them all and the practicals as well” says Crystal.

Being offered a job as a flight attendant with Jetstar was a dream come true.

“I’m loving it! The crew have all been welcoming and helpful. The hours at first were a little tough, but I’m getting used to them now; waking up at 3-4am is the norm. I’ve set an early preference so I can be home with my family in the afternoon and evening. It has definitely been very different to anything I’ve done but that has been great.”

Auckland-based crew at Jetstar fly domestically and trans-Tasman, which means Crystal has flown to Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

“I hope to be sent to Christchurch one day to work a Fiji flight,” she says.

Jetstar’s crew is made up people of all ages. “Many different cultures as well which is nice,” says Crystal.

Crystal is thrilled she started on this new career path with ITC and says she only wished she had given it a go earlier.

“I’m so glad I’ve finally fulfilled a dream to become a flight attendant. Thank you for the support and encouragement while I was studying with ITC!”

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Are you ready to fly high?

Posted on 19/11/2013 by
ITC distance learning students attending workshops, helping them achieve their goals

ITC distance learning students attending workshops, helping them achieve their goals

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) offers travel, tourism, and airline courses, and we work hard to get our graduates jobs in those industries. We want them all to fly high with their career, life and goals!

ITC offers its courses on campus and by distance online learning. If you are at home with young children, live too far from a campus, or you work and cannot attend daily classes, then distance online learning would be an ideal option for you.

These courses include all the learning resources, tutorial support, online communication and assessments you will need. You will be part of a class with fellow distance learning students from all around the country.

There are only two workshops to attend: Orientation Day, where you will get to meet your classmates, and the Customer Service workshop later in the course. Both workshops are at our Auckland campuses. This is what one of our graduates has to say about studying with ITC: “I want to say thank you to ITC for helping me get to my dream job.  Doing the ITC course has really paid off and now I wake up every morning excited about going to work. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

ITC has been a premium supplier in the airline, airport and travel and tourism industries for over 16 years. The college has strong connections in those industries and focuses on making its training relevant to employers. We also offer a job placement service to assist you in finding a job in travel, tourism or aviation!

Find out how you can launch your career by phoning the ITC team now on 0800 868 747, or check our website and enquiry online.

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ITC’s Distance and Online Learning Creates “Memories for Life”

Posted on 04/03/2013 by

Study From Home graduate Anita van der Mespel recently started the job of her dreams at American Express

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland.

Since 2006, ITC has offered several of its courses via and distance and online learning (DOL).  ITC DOL graduate Anita van der Mespel recently achieved her goal of entering the travel and tourism industry with a position at American Express.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me to get me to this place,” says Anita. “You have been truly amazing!”

Anita says that her time with ITC has “created memories that will stick with me for life. I’ve loved my time with you, right from the phone interview at the very beginning!”

“That’s such a wonderful thing to hear,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “One of ITC’s strongest features is its sense of being one big family – we really mean that – all the staff know the students by name and we have a huge range of activities that include our on-campus students.

“It’s important to us that our distance and online students feel that same sense of community and connection to the college.”

Many of the DOL courses have on-campus components, such as the Customer Service Workshop run in February this year.

Chantell Awheto attended the workshop and says she had “an awesome time”.

“It was nice to finally meet everyone,” she says. “The hard part is over – graduation, here we come! I look forward to seeing you all there.”

“The workshops give the students a chance to meet each other and their tutors face to face and have some fun in the campus environment,” says Claire. “Learning via distance has many advantages, but it can be isolating. It boosts the students’ confidence when they get together and see how much they have learnt.”

ITC also ensures that its DOL students are included in its prize giving and recognition of special achievements.

“Many of our off-campus students are working and caring for family members as well as studying,” says Claire. “It takes a lot of commitment to remain motivated and connected with your studies when you are not physically surrounded by others who are studying.”

One student who shows such commitment is Greg Bellett, who recently received a Spot Prize for Excellence.
Greg says: “I’m absolutely delighted and humbled to receive such an award. Too much! I’m sure you could have awarded it to any number of hardworking students in any number of classes. I’m enjoying my studies immensely and thank you for your guidance and support.”
“This is our seventh year of offering distance learning,” says Claire, “and its appeal is growing. It allows more people the freedom to upskill in a flexible and supportive environment. We hope it also encourages lifelong learning, where following your interests and passions is an ongoing process.”

Perhaps the best endorsement of that comes from Anita: “I have enjoyed it so much! Should I ever study again, I hope it is with ITC.”

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