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Job opportunities

At ITC we don’t just provide training – we actively help you find work in the airline, travel and tourism industries. All students that study at ITC are offered a lifetime job placement service. We will help you into the industry whether you were a student here one year ago or 11 years ago!

ITC jobs page

Visit our dedicated jobs page to learn more about our current vacancies. If you are interested in a role, please follow the instructions on the jobs page and send your CV to . We also advise you to speak with your Study From Home tutor.

ITC has a strong relationship with the airline, travel and tourism industries. Often employers come straight to us with vacancies, choosing to employ ITC students over other prospects. “ITC Graduates are a head and shoulder above the rest!” say our industry experts.

What type of jobs can I apply for?

An airline, travel or tourism qualification can open up a range of careers, including:

  • Tour guide
  • Tour operator
  • Airport check-in
  • Customs officer
  • Flight attendant
  • Cabin crew
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Customer service assistant
  • Travel agent
  • Travel consultant