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Call or email? When it’s better to pick up the phone

Posted on 16/05/2018 by

Sometimes it’s better to make a phone call than send an email.

Studying from home comes with a lot of independence. You can study when you want, where you want. At home in your pajamas at 9pm? Sure! First thing in the morning at your favourite cafe? That works, too. You get the flexibility to create your own study schedule.

However, with this flexibility you may be tempted to “hide” behind your email address and never pick up the phone to talk to your tutors.

Yes, email is quick, easy, and has a lot of positives – but sometimes it’s better to make a phone call, instead.

Here are a few scenarios when you should probably pick up the phone instead of writing an email.

1) When your email is very long

If your email is longer than a few paragraphs, or is taking you ages to write, then it’s probably faster (and easier) to pick up the phone. You will probably solve the problem in half the time it would take you to write the email. This is often the case when you need help to understand coursework. Often writing down your confusion can make you even more confused! Whereas your tutors will be able to help you quickly and easily over the phone.

2) When you need motivation and/or support

Email is an excellent tool for communicating straightforward information – like assignment deadlines and coursework outlines. But when it comes to encouragement and support, a phone call is probably best. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, need a bit of a pep talk, or would just like some reassurance that you’re on the right track, a quick phone call to one of your tutors can work wonders.

3) When you’ve taken a long time to respond/you’re waiting for a response

If you realise you’re late getting back to someone via email (more than a few weeks), it’s a nice gesture to pick up the phone and apologise for taking so long to respond. Likewise, if you’re waiting for a reply and it’s taking a long time, you could give the person a courtesy call just to make sure your email arrived. Sometimes emails get lost and calling is the only way to get the conversation started again.

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