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Backyard tourism gets a big tick from SFH student

Posted on 12/06/2019 by

Lake Tekapo – one of the incredible destinations in Jacqueline’s corner of New Zealand.

Have you heard of backyard tourism?

It’s means being a tourist in your own backyard. In other words, taking the time to explore the country you live in as a visitor would.

That’s exactly what Jacqueline Buksh, a Study From Home student, recently did.

A few weeks ago, she embarked on a road trip with her family from her hometown of Christchurch. She says the road trip was all the more incredible thanks to her studies.

“I drove my family to Wanaka for the weekend and, I must say, if it wasn’t for the research I had to do with one of my assignments (as part of the Destination NZ units), I would have never known much about what the South Island had to offer in terms of tourist destinations,” says Jacqueline.

The Destination NZ and Tourism Destination units help students better understand the country’s top tourism towns, cities, and attractions.

Jacqueline certainly picked a good route for her road trip, covering popular destinations such as Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, and Arrowtown.

“We left Christchurch at 4 am in time to watch the sunrise of Lake Tekapo. You have got to experience it to truly appreciate the beauty,” she explains.

“We enjoyed breakfast in Lake Tekapo, continued on to Wanaka and had enough time to check out Puzzling World. The maze was fun, especially for the kids. We also checked out the Illusions Room, which was awesome!” she adds.

That concluded day one of the family’s weekend road trip. The next day, they went to Arrowtown.

“Our trip to Arrowtown was unplanned and we were surprised to find the Arrowtown Autumn Festival was on. We explored the town and visited the museum. It was so worth the trip.”

Finally, to round out their epic adventure, they also made time to visit Queenstown.

“I can say I was not disappointed at all. The scenic drive is breathtaking! And Fergburger is a must-do when visiting the South Island.”

Overall, Jacqueline had a magnificent time exploring nearby towns and cities.

Wherever you live in New Zealand, we’d highly encourage you to jump in the car and see where the road takes you!

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