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5 things every Study From Home student needs

Posted on 26/07/2017 by

A reliable computer and internet connection is essential for studying from home – and coffee helps, too!

New to studying from home? Here are five things every distance learning student needs to thrive in a study from home setting.

1. Reliable internet connection

Our study from home tourism qualifications are taught online, so a reliable internet connection is a must. Make sure you have enough internet data to check your emails, submit your assignments, participate in forum discussions, and make the odd video or Skype call. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan if your internet becomes disconnected due to circumstances out of your control, such as bad weather. For example, your backup plan might be to study from the library or a friend’s house.

2. Laptop or desktop computer

You’ll also need a reliable laptop or desktop computer to work on your assignments – a tablet probably won’t quite cut it, unless it comes with an excellent keyboard and mouse. If you don’t have a computer, keep an eye on Trade Me for second-hand options, or consider borrowing one from a friend or family member for the duration of your course.

3. Cellphone or landline

Although most of your studying will be done online, it helps to pick up the phone every now and then. Your tutors are available to answer any questions you might have – be sure to give them a call whenever you encounter a challenge or are uncertain about any of the topics you’re studying. It’s also a good idea to speak to your tutors on the phone if you’re struggling to keep up with the workload. The sooner you let them know you need help, the easier they can help you find a solution.

4. A study plan

A realistic study plan is essential to your success as a study from home student. Without regular classes to attend or tutors to look over your shoulder, you need to be organised and self-motivated. A study plan helps you plan out your week and stick to a schedule so you stay productive and make the most of your study hours.

5. A study space or ‘study kit’

If possible, create a space in your home that’s dedicated to studying and set up your desk, computer, printer, and other essentials. If it’s not possible to create a home office, put together a ‘study kit’ instead – this is where you keep your laptop, study notes, and everything else you need to study in one portable box or bag, so you can set-up your study space anywhere from the kitchen table to the local cafe. The point is to make it as easy as possible for you to start studying, so you don’t waste precious time gathering your things together or looking for your computer cord.

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