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5 reasons to study tourism straight after high school

Posted on 22/08/2018 by

Wondering what to do when you finish high school? Here are five reasons to consider joining the tourism industry.

Are you finishing high school this year? Wondering what to do next?

Here are five reasons why studying tourism straight after high school could be a smart career move.

1. The tourism industry needs more young people

Young workers are in high demand in the tourism industry. With so many visitors coming to New Zealand, the industry needs more young people to enter the workforce and fill important frontline jobs, such as working in hotels.

In fact, the industry needs 35,000 more tourism workers by 2025 — that’s just seven years away. If you’re passionate about New Zealand, have great customer service, and love meeting people from around the world, then the tourism industry needs you!

2. You could have a tourism qualification in less than a year

Most of our tourism qualifications are around 20 weeks long (if you study full-time), meaning you could be qualified and in your first tourism job in less than a year.

Starting with a Level 3 or Level 4 tourism qualification could be a great way to get into the workforce quickly without spending three years (or more) studying. After all, you’ve just finished high school so it will be nice to have a break from study and earn some money out in the workforce.

3. Tourism has fantastic long-term career prospects

The tourism industry is New Zealand’s largest export earner, contributing over $14 billion to the economy each year. It has fantastic long-term career opportunities, including the chance to work for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies.

With so many tourism businesses around New Zealand and the world, you can look forward to a varied and exciting career.

4. You might get the opportunity to travel

If you’d love to travel, why not travel and earn money at the same time? A tourism qualification can open many doors overseas. You could consider a career as a flight attendant or work in hotels around the world.

Working for some travel agencies also gives you the opportunity to go on regular ‘Famil’ trips to other countries (so you can experience first-hand what you will be selling).

You could even end up working at Disney World in Orlando, like many of our graduates have done.

5. There are tourism jobs all throughout New Zealand

Another big attraction of studying tourism is there are tourism jobs all throughout the country, not just in major cities. With the cost of living in Auckland skyrocketing, it makes sense to join an industry that gives you some flexibility to work in regional areas.

Plus, with Study From Home, you can study tourism from anywhere in New Zealand — giving you the option to keep study costs to a minimum. Whether you’re in Kerikeri or Invercargill or anywhere in between, you can gain a tourism qualification and be ready to join the workforce in as little as 20 weeks.

Like the sound of a career in tourism? Get in touch today to learn more about our airline, travel and tourism qualifications.

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