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5 essential life skills studying from home teaches you

Posted on 21/11/2018 by

Studying from home teaches you essential life skills such as time management, problem-solving, and tenacity.

When you study from home with ITC, you’ll learn skills for working in the airline, travel, and tourism industry. You’ll also gain essential life skills that you can apply in all areas of your life – from work to family to travel.

Here are five life skills that studying from home teaches you. (Of course, you could learn these skills in a classroom, too, but they would probably take you longer to master).

1. Time management

Studying from home requires excellent time management. You’re in charge of your own time, so it’s up to you to make the most of it. You’ll quickly learn how to overcome procrastination, minimise distractions, and stick to your study plan if you want to succeed. By the end of the qualification, you’ll be a pro at planning and managing your precious time.

2. Problem-solving

As you study, you’re bound to encounter some tricky topics or small problems. Your tutors are there to answer any questions you might have during business hours – but what happens if you’re studying at 9pm at night? You’ll find your problem-solving skills start to kick in. You’ll become an expert at looking for a solution before you ask your tutor, and will be surprised at how often you can answer your own questions.

3. Initiative

Studying from home takes a lot of initiative and self-motivation. It takes determination to choose studying over television every day! The great thing is, initiative is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. By the time you graduate, using your initiative will be second-nature – a skill that will make you very employable.

4. Computer literacy

Our distance learning qualifications are taught online, which means you’ll improve your computer literacy skills, as well as your online communication skills. You’ll become more confident at using online programmes and communicating with your peers professionally via email. Most tourism jobs require a high level of online professionalism, so this is a great skill to put on your CV.

5. Tenacity

It takes tenacity to study from home every day – especially when you’re surrounded by distractions like housework, television, and your comfy bed. By completing your study from home qualification, you’re showing employers that you have what it takes to stay focused on your goals and that you don’t need someone hovering over your shoulder to make sure you’re working. You’re showing them that you’re a go-getter and a self-starter.

All of these life skills will make you more employable once you start job hunting. They will also help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Studying from home is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your professional skill-set and grow as a person. We’re enrolling now for 2019 courses; get in touch today to register your interest.

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  1. Eyvonne Dawson says:

    I am looking to do a full time course with yous can you please send me information about the courses you have that are full time that I can do from home please

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