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5 apps to help you study

Posted on 09/03/2016 by
Technology can be a massive distraction... but it can also be a huge help! Read on for five great apps to help you study.

Technology can be a massive distraction… but it can also be a huge help! Read on for five great apps to help you study.

Study can be a challenge in a digital world that’s full of online distractions. Between updating Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s a wonder we find the time to do anything else!

In all seriousness, social media can really undermine your ability to study from home if you don’t find ways to manage the addiction (yes, addiction!). When was the last time you went for an hour without checking your phone? It can be tough to concentrate on bookwork when all you want to do is send funny cat photos to your friend (trust me, I’ve been there).

The good news is, technology is not all bad. There are actually some great apps that can help you study. We’ve rounded up our five favourites below.


Do you find yourself refreshing Facebook every five minutes, not because you want to, but out of habit? This app will make this a thing of the past. A Google Chrome extension, StayFocusd can temporarily block time-wasting websites of your choice. Next time you know you need to focus for a day simply use this app to block Facebook, and watch your productivity soar!


Used by businesses, individuals and of course students, Trello is essentially a fancy time-management ‘to-do-list’ app. It allows you to create a ‘card’ for each task and arrange them in order of priority. You can even invite other people to view your Trello boards, perfect for when you have a group assignment. If you love being organised, you’ll love Trello, which describes itself as “the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything”.


This iOS app – Flashcards by Brainscape – allows you to create your own digital flashcards; perfect for prepping for a test or trying to memorise important facts. It’s free (or a few dollars without advertisements) and works across all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc).

4. Dragon Dictation

If you find it really hard to ‘think on paper’ and come up with better ideas when talking out loud, the use Dragon Dictation to prepare for assignments. This app will record your voice, so you can play your thoughts back when it comes time to actually write your essay or prep for your test. It’s a good way to make sure you capture all of your ideas without having to take physical notes.

5. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

This app is quite possibly one of the most annoying apps ever invented, but it is perfect for those of you who are prone to sleeping in late. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is very clever; the only way you can turn the alarm off is by taking a photo of a ‘registered object’. For example, you might register a photo of your kitchen sink or your front door – this means that in order to turn your alarm off in the morning, you have to physically get up and take a picture. Sleep if you can!

Do you use any great study apps? Tell us your favourites in the comments below.

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