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10 ways to make studying from home easier

Posted on 03/07/2019 by

Want to be more productive when studying from home? Try turning all your social media notifications off.

If you’re studying from home (or thinking about doing so), here are ten quick ways to make studying easier and more enjoyable. 

1. Create a study plan

One of the first things we encourage all new students to do is create a study plan. A good plan makes it easy to see exactly what needs to be done and when, so you’re never wondering where to begin. 

2. Batch similar tasks

Jumping between tasks (or multitasking) is said to halve productivity. Instead, batch similar tasks together where possible. For example, allocate a day to focus on research, a day to focus on writing, a day to focus on editing, etc.

3. Dress to impress

Did you know getting dressed as if you’re leaving the house can do wonders for your mindset? Instead of studying in your favourite pajamas, try putting on your favourite outfit, instead. You’ll be amazed at how much it helps you focus. 

4. Find a study buddy

Partner up with another student in your class for support, encouragement and accountability. Having someone in your network who just ‘gets it’ give you a huge motivation boost. 

5. Take regular breaks

Whether it’s a walk around the block, coffee at your favourite cafe, or a quick stretch from your desk, regular breaks will help you maintain energy throughout the day. 

6. Meal prep

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about food, wondering what you’ll eat for lunch and walking to the fridge and back countless times per day? Stop wasting time staring into the pantry and prepare your meals in advance, instead. 

7. Listen to a study playlist

Putting on some background music can give you a great boost of energy. Here are some of our favourite playlists for studying

8. Turn off all notifications

When you’re in study mode, turn off all social media and email notifications. Writing an assignment can take triple the time it’s mean to if your phone keeps going off. 

9. Schedule in downtime

When you’re creating your study plan, don’t forget to schedule in downtime at the end of the week, such as a Friday night movie. You’ll find it easier to stay on track with your studies if you have something to look forward to. 

10. Get a change of scenery every now and then 

Sometimes, the best way to stay productive is by changing things up. Head to a cafe or library to study for a day and it’ll make you appreciate your home office all the more.

Would you like to learn more about studying from home with ITC? Get in touch today to find out about our upcoming courses. 

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